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Do your translations have legal value?

The documentation we will deliver to you is legalized before the Italian Court, a Notary Public or District Small-Claims Judge, whose signature is recognized and filed in the Court. Therefore, the documentation you will receive will have full legal value all throughout the Italian territory.

What is the difference between a sworn or legalized translation and a certified translation?

The difference between a sworn translation and a certified translation is not only a difference in price, but also a difference in value. The first one is presented in court and, once it has been recorded, obtains a real full legal value. On the other hand, the second is simply certified, that means it guarantees, thanks to the presence of the Agency's certification stamps, that the translation was made by a professional translator, member of the Italian Translators Registry.

What is an "Apostille"?

It is a rectangular or square stamp, which must be affixed to the original of the certificate issued by the competent authorities of the country concerned, by an authority identified by the law ratifying the Treaty itself. We take care of having the apostille affixed on the translated document. On the original document, however, the competent Institute is (preferably) the Prefecture of the city issuing the document.

Do you translate into all languages?

Traduzioni.legal is responsible for translating any type of document. Thanks to our broad experience, we have the possibility of translating documents in all language combinations.

How can I request a quote?

You can request a quote using the form on our website, or send an email with your request to info@traduzioni.legal, or contact us by phone or on whatsapp at (+39) 3756208720 . We will send you a quick and customized quote within 5 minutes of your request.

How soon can I receive the translation?

Thanks to the large number of offcies throughout Italy, our delivery times are really quick. It is possible to receive:
- ISO certified translations within 12 hours
- Sworn Translations (Legalized) within 24 hours
- Urgent Hague Apostille service within 3 days

Do you need the original document?

We usually legalize a certified copy, valid for all purposes if accompanied by an identification document and the self-certification form. This is so that the customer can keep the original. In any case, if you have the original, you can, if requested, show or hand it over. You will then have an additional certified copy, which will not entail any cost. If you are expressly requested to hand over the original document attached to the translation, it will not be a problem to carry out the service in this way, it will only be necessary to inform the operator at the time of the request.

Where do you make the legalizations?

According to art. 5 of Royal Decree No. 1366 of 09/10/1922, still in force as provided for in art. 1 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree No. 179 of 01/12/2009, to make a sworn or official translation in Italy, it is necessary that the official translator goes to one of the following entities: 1) Civil Court, section responsible for sworn translations; 2) District Small-Claims Judge, civil section, office responsible for sworn translations and expert opinions; 3) To a Notary's office, in the presence of the translator and the Notary Public.

How can I receive the file?

After beginning with the translation and the legalization of the document, we will send you a scan of the document with affidavit and protocol number within 48 hours by certified or regular email. The physical copies will be sent by means of a safe, traceable courier.

Where can I find your office?

Our head office is on via Monte Napoleone, 8. Our offices are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. For a faster quote you can send your request by email to info@traduzioni.legal, our operators will send you, as soon as possible, by email or phone a free and non-binding quote.



Our reference email is info@traduzioni.legal. We are available on phone at 3756208720, our headquarters is in Via Monte Napoleone, No. 8 - MILAN within Business Center.


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